Both demo events have now finished. Contact us for further information.

Introducing F.A.C.E



Operational Solutions Limited (OSL) has created FACE to protect organisations across the globe from drone disruption.

Using data from real-time detection sensors, FACE is an industry-leading business intelligence system, giving users the confidence that if drone misuse strikes, they are fully protected. FACE allows the operator to clearly identify drones, and where applicable, control commands to the drone effector – such as jammers and physical interception systems.

Designed to be simple to use



Operators can be taught a firm grasp of the system in less than four hours. FACE works alongside best-practice sensors to deliver exceptional availability and reliability, in a cost effective yet flexible and scalable proposition. 

The web-based interface will be familiar to users of satellite navigation tools and online maps. Featuring simple icons and displays, the user can quickly gain the information needed, freeing them up to focus on other tasks at hand.

Built to work with infrastructure



With an API or ICD, and FACE can be successfully integrated into any IT infrastructure. The system is designed to work with a range of security domains – office based or otherwise. Increasingly, FACE is using machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve the underlying processes and reduce the manpower burden.

Containing three main elements



1) An engine to consume incoming data and ensure it is correct and consistent. 

2) A database to handle analysis, hosted on Microsoft’s industry-leading database management system, 

SQL Server 2017. 

3) A user interface which can be accessed from any user-friendly device.

Want to know more?


We believe that the best way to see the benefits is to experience them first-hand. 

That’s why we are hosting demos where delegates will have the opportunity to see and use the system in a live environment with real drones flying.