Both demo events are now fully booked. See below.

Both demo events are now fully booked

However if you wish to attend please get in touch as we will add you to the reserve  list in the event of any cancellations.

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By Invite:

11 September 15:00 - 17:00

In Association with GTI Aviation Training:

12 September 10:00 - 13:00

Experience OSL’s industry-leading drone defence technology



Drone defence is no longer a luxury. By 2020, drones are set to become a $100 billion industry: too large to ignore, and with the power to paralyse major and established operations.



An all-in-one solution that presents a clear picture of the situation in real-time.

Low False-Alarm Rate


Intelligent detection and classification.

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Automated Decision Making


 Combines multiple sensor outputs to give a clear and accurate detection. 

Equipment on Display


Elvira Radar - Robin

  ELVIRA® combines smart software, with affordable radar, and is built explicitly for drone detection and tracking.  For early warning of incoming drones, you need radar. Simply put, no other sensor technology has a wider coverage area than radar. ELVIRA® provides you with early warning of approaching drones, in all directions, giving you precious time to react. 

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Sky Patriot - Rinicom

 SkyPatriot is an early warning optical drone detection system that uses powerful AI video analytic software to fast and reliably detect, track, and classify multiple drones kilometres away in real-time. 

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DJI Aeroscope - Heliguy

DJI AeroScope drone detection system has a range of up to 50km and will provide detailed information on drone flights in the protected airspace.

This allows organisations to make good security decisions quickly when it comes to drones flying in their airspace. 

Detailed flight telemetry will give the operator the flight path of the UAV, serial numbers and more information to help prevent unauthorised flights.

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RF Detection - Aaronia

 After four years of development, Aaronia introduced its drone detection system – the AARTOS DDS. The system is designed to detect the intrusion of unwanted drones by using real time directional measurements of the drone’s electromagnetic emissions (including its remote control). It warns users of the DDS of incoming drones and sends alerts. 

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Medium/Long Range, Day/Night Camera - Scott Total Security


Evolve Dynamics - Sky Mantis

 Evolve Dynamics are an engineering company specialising in UAV aircraft, systems and software based in the United Kingdom. We provide best in class mission specific surveillance and special purpose aircraft for public sector services, private security and defence. 

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SkyWall - Openworks Engineering

 SkyWall is an operationally-deployed system that gives a mobile operator the ability to physically capture a drone in a net, used in conjunction with electronic counter-measures for a layered defence, or in environments where electronic attack cannot be deployed.

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Please Note:

All drone pilots at this event are current CAA PFCO holders and, as such, bound by CAA operating limits. Please do not distract drone pilots whilst they are operating.